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Throne of the 4 Winds


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Latest Data in Amazing Table Form


    Class   Spec Median Average Std Dev Min Max Samples % of Role
Death Knight
Frost 64.6 63.9 7.8 46 73 1,300 4.78%
Death Knight
Unholy 76.1 77.2 11.0 54 100 1,300 4.78%
Balance 83.8 83.0 8.3 68 96 1,300 4.78%
Feral Cat 80.2 76.9 10.4 55 90 1,300 4.78%
Beast Mastery 74.5 75.3 9.7 57 92 1,300 4.78%
Marksmanship 55.0 54.2 9.3 40 74 467 1.72%
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51 83 1,289 4.74%
Arcane 83.6 84.5 7.6 69 97 1,300 4.78%
Fire 97.6 92.9 7.9 79 100 1,300 4.78%
Frost 52.0 51.9 8.6 37 68 1,101 4.05%
Retribution 78.4 76.6 9.4 59 89 1,300 4.78%
Shadow 82.3 83.1 7.0 75 100 1,300 4.78%
Assassination 84.8 84.4 11.7 64 100 1,300 4.78%
Combat 66.7 65.4 8.7 49 77 1,192 4.39%
Subtlety 59.1 57.7 9.1 40 77 266 0.98%
Elemental 78.3 76.4 10.2 54 96 1,300 4.78%
Enhancement 77.2 76.6 9.7 58 92 1,300 4.78%
Affliction 81.8 82.8 11.4 60 100 1,246 4.58%
Demonology 96.6 91.7 12.7 53 100 1,300 4.78%
Destruction 71.7 76.7 13.8 56 99 1,267 4.66%
Arms 48.0 49.4 9.2 35 73 853 3.14%
Fury 80.0 76.7 9.3 60 87 1,300 4.78%
Windwalker 78.3 76.7 10.4 55 90 1,300 4.78%


    Class   Spec Median Average Std Dev Min Max Samples % of Role
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90.6 87.4 9.6 61 100 1,300 16.67%
Holy 87.4 85.6 8.7 69 100 1,300 16.67%
Discipline 100.0 95.6 9.2 66 100 1,300 16.67%
Holy 90.7 85.1 14.0 49 100 1,300 16.67%
Restoration 80.4 80.4 10.7 59 97 1,300 16.67%
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100 1,300 16.67%


    Class   Spec Median Average Std Dev Min Max Samples % of Role
Death Knight
Blood 75.1 71.3 17.9 27 98 1,300 20.24%
Feral Bear 77.2 73.8 12.2 51 90 1,222 19.03%
Protection 87.3 85.7 10.5 67 100 1,300 20.24%

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Protection 58.8 59.1 7.9 42 76 1,300 20.24%

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What Is This?

There are a few things to be aware of above all else:

  • All values are aggregated over the last 14 days from all public logs. So for a specific boss fight, you are usually looking at the median over all kills from the past 14 days.
  • Data should be interpreted with a large grain of salt for new fights or bosses that have only been killed by a handful of guilds.
  • Be smart about using this data in discussions of class balance. Don't just look at the overall charts and QQ on forums. The truth is usually more nuanced than what is shown here.

What is Spec Score?

A more detailed description and example will be posted on the Raidbots Blog.

The Rest