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The Pure Mix is a New Media & Creative Services company specializing in internet radio.   As a 360 degree provider, we have the ability to provide everything from basic streaming to complete turn key solutions.   We provide the ability to internet radio stations to grow and monetize their streams.

Shout Packs

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20- 128k Streams
20- 32k Streams

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  50- 128k Streams
20- 32k Streams
  200- 128k Streams
50- 32k Streams
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Looking for single bit rate streams?  Click here.

Pro Packs

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$65.00 monthly

$150 one-time fee

$65.00 monthly

$250 one-time fee

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$200.00 monthly

$650.00 one-time fee

100- 128k Streams
50- 32k Streams
Additional Add on Streams Available 
  100- 128k Streams
50- 32k Streams
Additional Add on Streams Available 
100- 128k Streams
50- 32k Streams
Additional Add on Streams Available 
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Basic Website Hosting
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360 Provider

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Anniversary Awards

It pays to be a client of The Pure Mix


The Pure Mix was founded in 2003 and has over 10 years of experience as streaming media.



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